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The Best Job for Your Myers-Briggs Type

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All people fall into one of 16 personality types that are defined by eight characteristics, according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: extroversion or introversion, sensing or intuitive, feeling or thinking, and judging or perceiving. Not only can knowing your personality type provide you with a high-level overview of your strengths and weaknesses, but it can also clue you into what your dream job should be.

In fact, it’s considered such a good indicator of how well a person is suited for a job that 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies have used the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test to analyze the career potential of their incoming employees, The Boston Globe reported.

Click through to find out the , and read on to see the occupations that could best fit your personality type.

For a fun way to look at possible careers, click through to find the best job for your zodiac sign. And read on to see the occupations that could best fit your Myers-Briggs type.

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ESTJ: Chef

Median salary: $45,950

ESTJs are good at organizing projects and people to get things done in an efficient way and can be forceful when they implement plans. These characteristics make them well suited for managerial positions, such as a chef, who oversees a kitchen staff. Chefs make about $46,000 a year, but celebrity chefs make a lot more.

ISTJ: Systems Administrator

Median salary: $81,100

The ISTJ personality type is quiet, serious, organized and logical, so people with this personality are a good fit for system administrator jobs — a job that pays really well despite the fact that there are jobs in tech that pay a lot more. In this role, an ISTJ can use their organization and logic to ensure that computer systems are running properly on a day-to-day basis.

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ESFJ: Registered Nurse

Median salary: $70,000

An ESFJ is warmhearted, conscientious and cooperative, all characteristics that make for a good nurse. The occupation is a good fit for a personality type that cares about others, makes well-informed decisions and works well as a part of a larger medical team. Plus, the job pays well, though certain states are better for nurses than others.

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ISFJ: Kindergarten Teacher

Median salary: $56,900

The ISFJ personality type is friendly and responsible and is also adept at noticing and remembering specifics about people who are important to them. Being able to teach with a knowledge of each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses is an important trait of successful kindergarten teachers, so ISFJs can do this job well. Like with nurses, the pay for teachers varies widely by state.

ESTP: Military Officer

Median salary: $37,292 to $189,601, depending on time served

ESTPs are pragmatic problem-solvers. The best jobs for ESTPs are those that allow them to utilize their agile troubleshooting skills, such as a military officer.


ISTP: Police Officer

Median salary: $62,960

An ISTP personality type is quick to find solutions to complex problems, can easily organize facts using logic and is very efficient. These traits are very helpful in the line of work a police officer does, as an officer has to react quickly at a crime scene and be able to interpret the available facts to make the most judicious decisions.


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ESFP: Bartender

Median salary: $21,690

The ESFP is outgoing, friendly, good at interacting with new people and wants to make work fun. This personality type thrives in a work environment that allows them to regularly interact with others in a way that lets their outgoing personality shine, so being a bartender could be the best career choice  — or a lucrative side hustle.

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ISFP: Jeweler

Median salary: $37,960

ISFPs prefer to have their own space and to work on their own time, so they are better suited for creative artisan professions than desk jobs. Because of that, being a jeweler is a good occupation for this personality type.

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ENTJ: Physician

Median salary: $211,390

The ENTJ is a natural leader. They tend to be well-read and informed, and are able to make logical decisions. These attributes make for a good physician, a job that requires leadership of a medical team, many years of study and the ability to make life-or-death decisions on a regular basis. ENTJs who pursue this career path have the potential to make a lot of money: it’s one of the most lucrative healthcare jobs.

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INTJ: Microbiologist

Median salary: $69,960

The INTJ is an original thinker who can see patterns and come up with long-term explanations. Microbiologists study microorganisms to try to understand how they live, grow and interact with their environments, so being able to come up with new theories and explanations is a vital part of the job.


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ENFJ: Minister

Median salary: $47,100

ENFJs are warm and empathetic, have a desire to help others fulfill their potential and are inspiring leaders. Being a minister allows this personality type to do all the things that they do best and that they want to do to feel fulfilled.

INFJ: Veterinarian

Median salary: $90,420

The INFJ personality type is characterized by organization, decisiveness and a desire to do good. The best job for an INFJ is a veterinarian, which allows them to do good while taking advantage of their organization and decision-making abilities.


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ENTP: Reporter

Median salary: $40,910

An ENTP is resourceful, outspoken, good at reading people and bored by routine. Being a reporter allows the ENTP to utilize their outspoken nature and ability to understand others, and because they’re constantly working on new stories, they won’t get bored easily at the job.


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INTP: College Professor

Median salary: $76,000

The INTP is analytical and dedicates themselves to solving problems in their area of interest. These skills are needed to conduct independent research and to write scholarly papers and books, which are major aspects of a college professor’s job responsibilities.


ENFP: Landscape Architect

Median salary: $65,760

A landscape architect has to create the designs for parks and other outdoor spaces, so having a good imagination is key to do this job well. Fortunately, being imaginative is a major component of the ENFP personality type.

INFP: Fine Artist

Median salary: $49,160

INFPs are curious and are able to see possibilities that others can’t. Their creative streak makes this personality type a good fit for the work of a fine artist.

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