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25 Best and Worst Deals at Walmart

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Walmart has earned its reputation as a money-saving store by offering low prices on just about everything from car accessories to canned goods. And while no one will doubt Walmart is a great place to save money, that doesn’t mean some items can’t be found elsewhere for less.

To help you maximize your savings, GOBankingRates asked a variety of experts to list the items you should snatch up at Walmart — and items you should steer clear of.

Last updated: March 17, 2020


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25 Best Walmart Deals

The nationwide retailer has become synonymous with “savings” — and for good reason! Click through to see which 25 items are good deals at the retail giant.

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1. Legos

While kids’ toys are hit and miss at Walmart, it’s the place to be if your kid is into Legos, said Regina Novickis of Slickdeals. Members of the site post great deals they find, with the best of the best appearing on the front page.

“Our deal community of 9 million has front-paged more Legos deals from Walmart than any other merchant, including Target and Toys ‘R’ Us,” she said.

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2. Disposable Razors

If you’re not into paying a premium for smooth skin, Novickis said Walmart can help with name-brand razors. And savings expert Jeanette Pavini of Coupons.com said her site found Walmart’s prices were up to 50% less than drugstores’ prices.

“For example, a three-pack of Venus Women’s disposable razors was $6.97 at Walmart and $12.99 at some drugstores,” she said.

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3. Personalized Photo Invitations and Cards

Want to make that birthday or summer party announcement really personal? Lori McDaniel, senior content manager for Offers.com, said that Walmart is a smart place to go for photo announcements.

“You can get personalized photo invitations or cards for as low as 28 cents apiece, compared to about $1.27 apiece at a site like Shutterfly. That’s a 78% savings,” she said.

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4. Photo Printing

You don’t have to throw a party to save on photo printing, said Pavini. Walmart is also a smart choice for photos, with 4-by-6 prints as low as 9 cents each, she found. “The trick to getting the best deal is choosing the home delivery option, which gets you the lowest price,” she said.

But even if you go for the one-hour photo, Pavini said you’re still only paying a few cents a photo. Her bonus tip: “Create a free account with Walmart Photo, and you may receive a sign-up gift,” she said. “We got 25 free one-hour photo 4-by-6 prints.”

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5. Baby Gear

While there is some conflicting input for name-brand baby items, like diapers — some experts touted Walmart and some said these items are cheaper elsewhere — McDaniel said other newborn and toddler items, such as the Graco Pack ‘n Play Playards, are a go.

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6. Coffee and Tea

Brand-name coffee and tea that rarely go on sale can often be snatched up for far less at Walmart, said savings expert Stephanie Nelson of CouponMom.com.

“For example, my favorite brands of coffee and tea are both 27% less at Walmart,” Nelson said. And what’s even better, she added, is that Walmart will also accept coupons on those items, making them an even better deal.

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7. Other Name-Brand Groceries

“Many people say that name-brand and generics are basically the same things, at least in several cases. But when it comes to Walmart, you can typically buy name-brand for less, so why not splurge?” said consumer analyst Julie Ramhold with DealNews.com.

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8. Laundry Detergent

Walmart is a pretty good place to keep your clothes clean for less, especially if you are looking for greener, fragrance-free options, said Rebecca Gramuglia, retail expert at TopCashback.com.

“While fragrance-free options tend to be more expensive than other types of laundry detergents, it’s still important to compare prices to see where you can score your favorite products for less,” she said. “Walmart offers method’s Free + Clear Laundry Detergent Packs (42 Count) for $12.95 while Bed Bath & Beyond offers the same product for $14.99.”

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9. Indoor Furniture

You might not think of Walmart as a go-to for trendy furniture pieces, but it’s a great place to shop if you want to update your home for less.

“Walmart exclusive brands are usually a good buy, which is the case with their new Modrn furniture line,” said Trae Bodge, smart shopping expert for TrueTrae.com. “The stylish designs feel very high end — much more so than you would expect from Walmart. I found beautiful bar-height chairs for $99 (originally $169) compared to a very similar style at Article.com for $299.”

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10. Patio Furniture

Walmart has great deals on outdoor furniture, too.

“Walmart features the Better Homes & Gardens patio furniture collection with several different looks, so you’re likely to find something that fits your taste,” Ramhold said. “Prices range from under $100 for single pieces to $800 for bigger sets. You can find two- to three-piece sets for under $300, though, so there’s truly something to fit any budget.”

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11. Athletic Apparel

“AthleticWorks, with its broad range of fitness apparel for men and women, is another exclusive brand that is worth a look,” Bodge said. “Their women’s leggings are well-reviewed and priced in the $15 range, versus competitive brands that can be upwards of $75.”

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12. Robes

When it comes to cozy clothes, Walmart has you covered — and their offerings are usually cheaper than what you’ll find from competitors like Amazon.

“Walmart’s Secret Treasures intimates line has a lot of affordable options [and] is a great deal,” Bodge said. “Their soft Women’s Super Minky Robe is $19.68 (on sale for $16.99), where a similar robe on Amazon is $59.99.”

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13. Generic Medication

“The Equate brand of generic medication is a good option if you are looking for good deals on things like Ibuprofen and Naproxen,” Bodge said. “In general, I have found generic medicines to perform as well as their branded counterparts, but at a fraction of the price. Four hundred tablets of 200mg Ibuprofen are $7.72, where 100 200mg Advil is $8.47.”

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14. Non-Organic Produce

Organic produce is usually cheaper elsewhere, but you can find good deals on non-organic fruits and vegetables at Walmart. Shopping for produce at Walmart can be a good alternative to Costco, where you have to buy in bulk and risk the items going bad before you eat them all.

“It’s worth checking the quality of the produce at your local Walmart,” Ramhold said. “If you find some that looks delicious, odds are you’ll spend far less on it there than you will at higher-end grocery stores. Shopping for produce at Walmart means only buying what you need and will eat, long before it goes bad.”

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15. School Supplies

You can find low prices on school and office supplies year-round at Walmart, but prices are particularly low right before the new school year.

“During the back-to-school season, you can stock up on everything the kids need for the school year before it even begins,” Ramhold said. “We’re talking one-subject notebooks for only 25 cents, folders for 50 cents, and pens and pencils for equally affordable prices.”

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16. Kids' Clothing Basics

There are some clothing items you might be better off buying at a higher-end retailer, but for basics, Walmart prices can’t be beaten.

“I always go to Walmart to pick up basic T-shirts, shorts and leggings for my daughter for a few bucks. These are great for undershirts and play clothes,” said budgeting expert Andrea Woroch, who recommends the brand Garanimals.

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17. Kids' Shoes

Walmart also has a decent selection of affordable kids’ shoes, Woroch said.

“I always scope out the shoes before checking out,” she said. “I have found black dress shoes for my daughter under $10.”

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18. Perfume

When you’re shopping on Walmart.com, be sure to check out its selection of fragrances, Gramuglia said.

“You can find fragrances sold and shipped by Walmart, like Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy (3.4 oz) for $39.99, instead of paying upwards of $100 at Macy’s,” she said.

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19. Storage Bins

Walmart sells large, 27-quart storage bins for better prices than you can find elsewhere.

“They’re often $5 to $7 more at other retailers,” YouTube beauty blogger Heather Marianna told Business Insider.

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20. Bubble Wrap

If you’re gearing up for a move — or are a small-business owner with regular shipping needs — Walmart is the best place to shop for bubble wrap.

“The UPS Store charges two to three times the price for the same thing,” Marianna told Business Insider. “As a business owner that is constantly shipping out beauty and skincare products, buying this in bulk at Walmart saves me big time.”

21. Tissues

Walmart sells tissues for less than you can get them at popular drug store chains. For example, a three-pack of Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissues sells for $3.84 at Walmart and $5.99 at CVS.

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22. Protein Powder

You’ll almost always pay a premium price for this healthy staple, but Walmart has better deals on protein powders than other retailers.

“You can usually get them cheaper at Walmart when compared to places like Vitamin Shoppe,” Bodge told Business Insider.

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23. Mattresses

You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by the high-quality mattresses you can buy at Walmart — for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. The queen-size Allswell hybrid mattress sells for under $300 and it has earned an average review of 4.5 out of 5 stars from nearly 1,500 reviewers.


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24. Wine

If your local Walmart sells alcohol, don’t overlook its wine aisles. Walmart’s Winemakers Selection of wines has been curated from regions around the world and features “highly drinkable wine for any occasion,” according to Walmart’s blog. The wines sell for $11 to $16 and are sommelier-approved, according to People.

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25. Tires

No one likes having to pay to replace a tire, but if you have to, Walmart is the place to go.

“At Walmart, you can shop Goodyear tires starting at $70 — oftentimes saving you up to $5 or $10 on individual tires, offering more savings than Sears and even discount tire stores like Discount Tire,” said Carson Yarbrough, a former consumer insights specialist for Offers.com. “Sears offers the same Goodyear Wrangler tire for $123 that Walmart sells for $72.”

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25 Worst Walmart Deals

Like with every store, there are some items you should avoid at Walmart. You might be better off buying products at some of Walmart’s competitors, such as Target, Amazon, Costco or Ikea. Read on to find out which 25 items savings experts say you should skip at Walmart.

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1. TVs

It’s true that Walmart has low prices on TVs, but you can sometimes find better deals elsewhere.

“While Walmart is very competitive when it comes to the pricing of electronics, it doesn’t always have the lowest price,” Bodge said. “Prior to investing in a 4K TV, use a deal site, like Slickdeals, to look for deals at competitors, like Amazon, Best Buy, Target or New Egg.”

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2. Nuts and Seeds

It’s a given that nuts and seeds are healthy snack choices, but Walmart’s might not be the healthiest for your wallet, Novickis said.

“You’ll find much better deals on nuts and seeds at stores like Aldi and Trader Joe’s,” she said. “On average, Walmart is about $1.50 more per pound for whole almonds than Trader Joe’s, and mixed nuts are about $1 more per bag than at Aldi.”

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3. Gift Cards

Gift cards can be a great way to make someone’s day, but Walmart might not be the savviest place to shop for them, Bodge said.

“At Walmart stores and at Walmart.com, you can find a broad selection of gift cards from brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, AT&T, Starbucks and Nordstrom. This is certainly convenient, but you’ll be paying full price for these gift cards,” she said. “Instead, use an online gift card aggregator, like Gift Card Granny, which has thousands of gift cards at a discount or with cash-back offers.”

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4. Laptops

Avoid getting your next laptop from Walmart, advised Lindsay Sakraida, director of content marketing for DealNews.com.

In previous months, “less than 1% of DealNews’ price-checked laptop deals were sold at Walmart, which means your chances of finding a good price there are very slim,” she said.

For better deals, she suggested Newegg or the Microsoft Store, as well as directly from Lenovo, HP and Dell. Just remember to look for coupons, she added.

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5. Wrapping Paper

Did you score a great deal on Legos at Walmart for that upcoming birthday party? You might want to find the wrapping paper elsewhere, Novickis said. The quality of the wrapping paper you’ll find at Walmart is comparable to the paper you’ll find at dollar stores for a lot less, she said.

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6. Appliances

If you need to replace your refrigerator, Walmart might not be the place to find the coolest deal, Ramhold said.

“Walmart doesn’t have a large selection of large appliances, and even if they did, you’d be more likely to find a better price at stores like Best Buy, Home Depot or Lowe’s,” she said. “Not only do those stores regularly offer up to 35% off a variety of large appliances, but they tend to also have decent delivery services, so you don’t have to haul that new fridge home by yourself.”

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7. Batteries

Batteries are pricey. In fact, they can make a decently priced toy suddenly expensive. So, it’s important to get the best deal — and that’s likely not at Walmart.

“When I compared the price per unit on batteries, the best bang for your buck is at a warehouse store like Costco,” Woroch said. “Stock up when you go to the warehouse club to get the best deal. Otherwise, Walmart was the next best deal in case you don’t have access to a warehouse club like Costco.”

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8. Bedding

Ah, bedding. Just saying it sounds peaceful. And Walmart’s prices might seem soothing as well. But if you’re at all worried about quality, Novickis said you might want to give Walmart’s bedding section a rest.

“While the price might seem right, given how many hours are spent in bed, a better quality can be found at a comparable price at merchants such as T.J.Maxx, Ross and Home Goods,” she said.

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9. Straight Talk Wireless

Walmart’s Straight Talk month-to-month wireless service for $55 for an unlimited nationwide data plan might seem appealing, but Sakraida and DealNews strongly advise against it.

“DealNews readers almost unanimously panned the quality of coverage, customer service and Straight Talk-compatible phones,” Sakraida said. “Many customers who tried to save with Straight Talk service ended up going back to their original carrier.”

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10. Meat

“You can definitely find better deals and a better quality selection of meats at your local grocery store or farmer’s market,” Gramuglia said.

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11. Organic Produce

You’ll find better prices on organic produce elsewhere, Bodge said.

“Many Walmart stores have groceries and the prices can be very good. However, they are not known for their pricing on organic foods, so you might do better at a Trader Joe’s or Aldi,” she said. “Amazon Prime members should also check Whole Foods as your membership qualifies you for exclusive discounts on select items. Also, if you shop at Whole Foods with your Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card, you’ll receive 5% cash back on your purchases.”

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12. Store-Brand Snacks

“Walmart’s Great Value food brand has their own version of popular snack foods, but I’ve found that if you compare the quantities and unit sizes with the name brand, the prices are pretty comparable,” Bodge said.

If you’re not saving by opting for the generic version, you might as well splurge for the brands you know and love.

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13. Store-Brand Toilet Paper

You might save money by opting for Walmart’s store brand of toilet paper, but you’re better off paying more for a better quality product.

“Walmart’s Great Value brand of toilet paper is well priced but fared poorly in Consumer Reports testing,” Bodge said.

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14. Books

When it comes to books, Amazon has Walmart beat.

“Amazon is still one of the cheaper options for buying books, whether you prefer paperback or hardback,” Ramhold said. “And with Prime, they typically offer a preorder guarantee, too, so if you preorder a book you won’t be charged until it’s released — and if the price drops before its release, you’ll receive the lower price.”

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15. Greeting Cards

Although it might be convenient to buy a greeting card at Walmart if you’re already there buying a gift, you could save significantly with a little planning ahead.

“You will find the best price at the Dollar Store where you can snag them for 50 cents each,” Woroch said. “Just make sure to stock up when you go: think ahead to which celebrations and birthdays you will be celebrating over the next six months and buy enough cards for those events. Buying ahead ensures you have them when you need them and don’t end up spending 10 times that amount out of convenience at the grocery store or Walmart.”

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16. Beauty Products

Walmart.com allows third-party sellers to sell beauty products on its site, so it’s hard to guarantee that the item you’re looking to buy is authentic.

“Buying beauty products can require a lot of research and trust, especially when navigating the internet. Always make sure you’re buying from an authorized, trusted store,” Gramuglia said. “This can get tricky when navigating Walmart’s search results as they have third-party resellers.”

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17. Party Supplies

As with greeting cards, you’ll find better prices on party supplies at a dollar store.

“Party supplies at Walmart can be up to five times the cost of party supplies at dollar stores,” Yarbrough said. “If you’re planning a party, opt to get party supplies like plastic cups, decorations and balloons at the dollar store to see significant savings.”

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18. Cookware Sets

Walmart’s low-priced cookware sets tend to be low-quality, too. For example, the Sunbeam Armington Cookware Set contains seven pieces and retails for just $17.99, but reviewers gave it an average of just 2.7 out of 5 stars.

“These pans are horrible,” one reviewer wrote. “My first time using the pan to make hash browns, the bottom of it burnt and the inside got scratched. Such a waste of money.”


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19. Fish

The fish selection at Walmart can be, well, fishy.

“If you’re looking for a quality, fresh, wild-caught fish then your best bet is to stick with a local seafood market or health food store,” Nealy Fischer, founder of The Flexible Chef, told Business Insider.

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20. Fine Jewelry

Jewelry is one item where quality really matters. Although you might find low prices on fine jewelry at Walmart, it’s probably worth it to pay a little more for something you’ll be holding onto for years to come.

“Walmart does have a relatively large jewelry section, but if you’re looking for quality then it’s best to stick with a traditional jewelry store,” Fischer told Business Insider.

21. Picture Frames

You can find better-quality and better-looking picture frames at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods for the same price as Walmart sells them, Business Insider reported.

QualityHD / Shutterstock.com

22. Non-Lego Toys and Board Games

Although Walmart has consistently good Lego deals, the same can’t be said for its selection of other toys and games. You’ll find better deals on board games like Monopoly and The Game of Life on Amazon, for example, Kiplinger reported.

ZikG / Shutterstock.com

23. Vacuums

The same retailers that offer better deals on appliances — Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowes — also offer better deals on vacuum cleaners, BestLife reported.

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24. Luggage

When it comes to luggage, quality matters. After all, you don’t want your bag to fall apart when you’re running through the airport to catch a flight. A Consumer Reports survey that asked people about their luggage-buying experience at various retailers ranked Walmart at the bottom of the list. Amazon and Costco, meanwhile, ranked toward the top.

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25. Pet Food

Since pet food is something you have to buy regularly, you’re better off opting for a subscription service that offers guaranteed savings on every purchase. For example, Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature allows you to save up to 15% on pet food.

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