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Mother Knows Best – 10 Mommy Bloggers To Help Get You In Financial Shape

Being a mom involves wearing many different hats — many moms are tasked with taking care of children, a home and family finances, often while also juggling a full-time job.

When it comes to managing the financial side of things, it can be hard to weed out the useful information from all of the personal finance blogs that exist on the internet. But these 12 moms all offer invaluable insights on everything from how to put your family on a budget, to how to invest, to how to teach your children about finances.

Toni of The Happy Housewife

Toni, a military wife and stay-at-home mom of seven, aims to give her readers realistic advice for budgeting better and saving more. Her blog, The Happy Housewife, has a “Frugal Living” section that covers everything from money management for kids to the best online shopping deals.

Catherine Alford

Catherine Alford is a self-employed work-at-home mom who first gained a following when she wrote about her experience being unemployed and deep in debt while living in Grenada on her original blog, Budget Blonde. Now she’s a full-time writer and mom of twins who shares her insights on finances and family on her self-titled website.

Miko of The Budget Mom

Everyone knows that creating a budget — and sticking to it — is an important part of living your best financial life. But when it comes to actually doing that, it can be daunting. Kumiko, an accredited financial counselor and author of The Budget Mom, shares the budgeting method that worked for her on her blog, as well as other money-saving tips like how to meal plan on a budget and what to do for a family-friendly no-spend weekend.

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Carissa Houston of All Day Mom

Traveling with a family can be expensive, but All Day Mom provides advice on how to plan vacations on a budget and how to save up to build a vacation fund. Carissa Houston is the mom behind the blog, and she shares the tips that have worked for her and her family.

Chelsea Brennan of Mama Fish Saves

Before starting the blog Mama Fish Saves, Chelsea Brennan worked as a hedge fund investment manager. But she decided to give up her career in finance to pursue her passion for writing and to have more time to spend with her husband and two kids. Fortunately, thanks to her smart investing, she was able to have the financial independence to do so — and now she’s sharing her best tips to help others do the same.

Jamie Jeffers of Medium Sized Family

Jamie Jeffers credits a “year of no” with helping to bring her family of seven out of major credit card debt. On her family finance blog, Medium Sized Family, she gives advice for other moms who might be struggling with debt and shares the things she personally does every week to save money.

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Jennifer of Military Family Finance

Military spouse and former Navy officer Jennifer learned the concept of compound interest early on, adapting a savings and investing strategy that allowed her to retire early. Her blog, Military Family Finance, gives others the tools to gain financial independence, covering topics that include budgeting, investing and teaching your children about finances.

Emily of Mommy Investor

Emily, a management consultant, thinks all moms should be investing in the stock market. That’s why she started her blog, Mommy Investor, as a pet project during her maternity leave. “I’m just a mom who wants other moms to make some money and not be scared doing it,” she wrote on her About page. Her blogs are short, easy to understand and full of invaluable information for aspiring investors.

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Maggie of National Bank of Mom

When Maggie of National Bank of Mom went through a divorce, she realized she didn’t have her finances in order. She learned everything she could about finances through books and online communities as soon as she could, but wished she had learned these lessons earlier in life. That’s why she started teaching her son financial lessons at a young age, to better prepare him for any financial challenges that might come his way. On her blog, Maggie breaks down how to teach your kids about finances too.

Cindy of Smart Family Money

Cindy created Smart Family Money to let other families know that it is possible to make it work on a single income — though it might be a struggle at first.

When Cindy decided to become a stay-at-home mom, her family struggled to make ends meet on a single paycheck. But through budgeting and being smarter about finances, they were able to go from being in debt to debt-free, with money left over to put toward college funds, retirement savings and family vacations. Her blog shares how they did it, and she also gives advice on how to shop smart by offering cheaper alternatives to expensive everyday items.

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