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Money-Saving Hacks From Travel Expert Sebrin Elms

Finding time and money to travel is a luxury many hope to have at least once a year. The Clumsy Traveler blogger Sebrin Elms has traveled the world for more than ten years, and along the way, she’s picked up more than a few money-saving hacks. Elms shares some quick tips that will go a long way on your next vacation.

Pack Light

Every trip starts with luggage, and according to Elms, many people tend to overpack with new clothes before heading overseas. Purchasing clothes ahead of the trip leaves little room to shop abroad and could result in extra baggage fees. Elms suggested traveling light with one shirt, coat, a pair of pants, a pair of socks and shoes to leave room for purchases at your destination.

Keep Cash Handy

Elms knows that having cash is a travel must-have when abroad, but she thinks you need to be strategic when taking out money. Foreign ATM fees can add up fast, but if you plan out your budget for the week, you can make fewer but larger withdrawals and avoid paying extra fees.

Watch Out for Menu Mark-Ups

Authentic food abroad is one of the main reasons we travel, and dining out can become a big portion of your vacation budget if you’re not careful. Areas near tourist attractions will often take advantage of hungry sightseers by marking up their menu prices. To save money, Elms suggests finding a place with local traffic to grab an inexpensive meal.

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